A Few Essentials You Need To Have In Your Car

A lot of people consider car essentials before they go on a long trip. However, it is important that you have certain essentials in your car at all time because you never know when an emergency could arise. These essentials will ensure that you are able to stay comfortable while waiting for rescue or get your vehicle somewhere safe.

Car Repair And Maintenance Essentials

There are a number of car repair and maintenance essentials that you need to have in your car. The first is a set of portable jumper cables. Jumper cables link your battery to the battery of another car so they can provide you with power when your battery is low. If you want to be more prepared you can consider a portable battery booster because you will not have to rely on someone else to boost the battery. Ref. – bestportablejumpstarters.com

A spare tire is ideal along with a tire jack and tire iron. However, many newer car models do not come with a spare wheel as standard so you will need to have a tire inflator and sealer. It is best that you know how to change or repair your tire and there are a number of videos available to help with this.

Safety And Survival Essentials

While some emergencies can be avoided by repairing your car, there are others where you will have to wait things out. If this is the case then you need to have some safety and survival essentials. These essentials should be kept in an emergency go bag or kit.

The first essential is a good first aid kit which offers disinfectant, gauze and other essential items. These can easily be bought online or from your local store. You should also have a flashlight and spare batteries. Some people recommend having an eco-friendly torch which can be manually charged.

Bottles of water and energy bars are also important. If you are going to be in one place for a prolonged period you need to have food and water. You also need to have a blanket should the weather be cold and you are unable to use the heat in your car.

A window breaker and seat belt cutter should also be considered and kept in the front of the car. These devices can be bought online and are relatively inexpensive considering the fact that they could save your life. You also need to consider having paper maps of the area you will be travelling. In the digital age we often forget about these maps, but if your devices run out of battery you will be stranded without them.

Something that a lot of people neglect in their kits is a change of clothing and a towel. If you have been drenched in rain or snow you should not stay in the cold and wet clothing. Having a towel will help you dry off before you get into the change of clothing that you have waiting for you.